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What is acute disease care?

Acute illnesses usually develop quickly and last a short amount of time (only a few days or weeks). Examples of acute diseases include:

These conditions generally come on rapidly. In some cases, as with the common cold, symptoms will improve on their own. The recovery time is generally fast. Self-management can go a long way toward preventing acute diseases from occurring, but if they are unavoidable and severe, seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

What is chronic disease care?

Chronic diseases, on the other hand, develop slowly but will get worse over an extended period of time (months to years). Examples of chronic diseases include:

These conditions take more time to develop than acute conditions and may progress over time. Certain chronic diseases have warning signs while others have none. Unfortunately, chronic health conditions can only be controlled, not cured. Managing symptoms usually requires a health care plan and regular visits to the doctor. Your healthcare provider can provide you with medication, healthy eating advice, occupational and/or physical therapy referral or other ancillary services as appropriate. In order to ward off certain chronic conditions, we recommend implementing healthy lifestyle habits. Staying physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, limiting sun exposure and refraining from drugs and excessive alcohol use are extremely beneficial.

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