What is bone marrow aspiration?

Bone marrow aspiration is a procedure that is performed to take a sample from the soft tissue inside the bones, and it can also be used to extract stem cells. Bone marrow is spongy tissue found inside our bones. It contains cells that produce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets inside the skull, spine, ribs, breastbone and hips. Since red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients, white blood cells help fight infections and platelets enable your blood to clot, it is very serious if our bodies experience abnormally high or low levels of one or all three. Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells that are able to become differentiated, specialized cell types (e.g. bone, muscle, skin, etc.).

We use bone marrow aspiration to prepare concentrated stem cell therapy for joint and spine pain reduction and rejuvenation.* Results vary, but live bone marrow derived stem cells from your own body are uniquely suited to heal the area they are placed.* When stem cells are concentrated in this way, the results can seem miraculous.* If you have pain in your knees, hips, shoulders or spine and you do not want to endure the pain and downtime of joint replacement or spinal surgery, this would be a great treatment option for you. Bone marrow derived live stem cells from your own body will never be rejected or cause harm.* Treatments can help with the:

How is it performed?

During the procedure, you will lie down on your side or stomach and you will be covered with a cloth so that only the treated area will be visible. Your doctor will then check your blood pressure and heart rate.

Next, you will be given local anesthesia to numb the site of the aspiration. This is usually the top ridge of the back of the hipbone. In other cases, it may be taken from the chest bone. A small incision will be made to make it easier for a hollow needle to go into your skin. The needle will go into the bone, and with a syringe, your doctor will draw out fluid and stem cells from your bone marrow. After the fluid and stem cells are collected, the needle is removed and you will be bandaged up.

A trained nurse or technician then uses specifically designed equipment to concentrate the adult stem cells and growth factors present in the bone marrow, and provides the cells back to the physician for implantation into the targeted area.

Stem cell treatments in Spokane, Washington

If you live in Spokane or the surrounding areas, the team at Jamison Family Medicine can provide bone marrow aspirations and stem cell extraction for stem cell therapy. Our stem cell treatments are FDA-approved and provide joint and spine rejuvenation.* We primarily use stem cell therapy to improve the shoulders, hips, knees and spine. To learn more, give us a call at (509) 319-2430. You can request an appointment on our website using our online scheduling form.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.