Whole Body, Life Discovery and Wellness Coaching

Wellness = Whole-Life Balance.

Focusing on fitness, nutrition, emotional, spiritual and personal wellness, my goal is to guide you and develop Whole Life Balance in all aspects of your day-to-day living.

Our work together focuses on creating a customized wellness plan, designed for your specific needs, that is lasting, unique and practical. Through my years of training and experience, I have created a system to help you feel fabulous in your own skin, jump-start that energy, and feel confident and sexy in your own body.*

If you knew the true secret to optimal health and how to achieve it, you would already be doing it.

Successful wellness programs incorporate several key elements:

Imagine each word representing a leg of a stool. If one leg is missing, then the stool falls down. When all of these key elements are firmly in place, then results will follow.*

That’s what makes this program unique. This is your program! After listening intently to your needs, desires and goals, I will customize a plan to address your individual challenges.

I give you all of the support you need, followed by easy steps of accountability and knowledge that is understandable and fun to learn. You will be amazed by the transformation you will begin to feel in a very short amount of time.* There is no quick fix or magic pill, however, there are many simple changes together we can implement in your life that have huge and lasting results.*

If you are seeking ‘lasting results’ it is important to remember, it will take time and a new mindset to change those old beliefs and patterns. The amazing thing is, it can definitely happen. Then you can live the life that you were meant to live with nothing holding you back.

My wellness coaching approach is not about deprivation or restricting favorite foods, but rather about living a full life with more time, more confidence and more fun.

Let’s get on the healthy highway together. Your journey starts here!

Be your Best,

Trisha Jamison
Health and Wellness Coach, AADP, CHHC, ACE, TCM

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.