At Jamison Family Medicine, we are proud to provide stem cell therapy treatments using the patient’s own cells. We work with Dr. Daniel Dibble and the other experienced professionals at The Spine Team to provide hip and spine therapies, which utilize the most technologically advanced imaging, ensuring the highest quality possible for each treatment.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are unique, primitive cells capable of making copies of themselves and becoming different, more specialized types of cell. Adult stem cells were once thought to be more limited than embryonic stem cells. The belief was that adult cells could only give rise to the same type of tissue from which they originated. But decades of research have shown that the adult stem cells found in bone marrow (or mesenchymal stem cells) are capable of becoming multiple different kinds of cells including bone, cartilage, and connective tissue.* These mesenchymal stem cells are also capable of decreasing inflammation and promoting healing in the cells around them.*

Adult stem cells can help to create new cells in existing tissue to help repair structures that are damaged or injured.* When mesenchymal stem cells are applied to a damaged or inflamed tissue, they are able to help in multiple ways.* First, they control inflammation and help prevent it from becoming a destructive, rather than reparative, process.* Second, mesenchymal stem cells can become cells with more specialized functions, like cartilage and bone.* Third, mesenchymal stem cells affect the cells around them, helping them to behave more like healthy cells instead of malfunctioning cells.*

There is some data to support the use of mesenchymal stem cells in some chronic diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and multiple sclerosis. While this data is exciting, there is not yet enough evidence to warrant offering stem cell treatment for these types of diseases outside of a clinical trial.

On the other hand, there are mountains of data, published over decades by physicians and researchers all over the world, demonstrating that mesenchymal stem cells can be safely and effectively used in orthopedic treatments, often allowing patients to avoid invasive surgeries like total knee and hip replacements.* In one study in elderly patients, Dr. Phillippe Hernigou showed that patients treated with both their own mesenchymal stem cells in one knee and a total knee replacement in the other overwhelmingly chose the mesenchymal stem cell treatment as their preferred treatment for both pain relief and ease of recovery.*

How does stem cell therapy work?

Other healthcare providers may offer “stem cell therapy,” by utilizing stem cell proteins derived from umbilical cord blood. While this process can help patients experiencing pain, live cells are not used. If they were live cells, you would have to be blood-typed and cross-matched to make sure that your body does not reject the stem cell treatments. What makes Jamison Family Medicine different is that we use your OWN stem cells, which are alive and ready to help you heal.*

We can provide injectable treatments to the joints, hip and spine. We use FDA-approved technology to separate the bone marrow-derived stem cells that come directly from you. This procedure can be done in one sitting, lasting about an hour from start to finish.* Treatments are done by Dr. Jamison and Dr. Dibble, if injections are made in the spine or hip. They are both board certified doctors with 18+ years of experience.

Stem cell therapy is an exciting and effective treatment that uses the patient’s own ability to heal; which to us, is the best medicine ever made–the medicine given to us by our creator!*

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